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Paddys and Pounds

Irish PartyI heard about a great Irish festival this weekend. I’m thinking of staying away due to the Guinness and Fish N’ Chips…

It’s just too soon.

On a happier note, I’ve lost a few pounds already! I also successfully ate my own lunch at work today, which is a big thing, because Fridays the company caters lunch.



Day 2: Lunch and Dinner

Today I woofed down a large salad with homemade dressing for lunch. I followed that up with a large peach and carrot sticks.

I would have shared a photo of this, but I forgot to. Sorry.

I also had two cups of coffee with no milk, but I did use two Splendas. That’s not bad, considering I usually drink about six cups or more a day.

Dinner was a bit of a bust. The wholewheat pasta was cooked and ready to go, but after reading the sauce label we discovered some cheese and milk in the ingredients.

I did have some rice and beans from the Engine2 Diet book, but I must admit they were rather bland. I settled on a couple of carrot sticks as well.

Still, I feel better for not cracking a beer and screaming TO HELL WITH IT!

I almost did this as our dishwasher overflowed onto the floor, next to the disposal unit which has stopped working. My guess is the problem is connected, literally. But I digress.



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