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An update: excercising and running

ExcerciseI thought I’d take a quick minute to update you on our progress.

Both Heather and I have lost a few pounds each. We haven’t been as strict with the exercise routine that the book recommends. However, we’re still running every second day and that’s going really well. We actually enjoy it!

You can track my running here if you’re interested.

How do people get “in to” exercising? I just can’t seem to like it, which makes it really tough to keep doing. Do you have any tips?

We’re still eating vegan and we’re both sober. We actually splurged on some non-alcholic beer last weekend. We think we’ve earned it.

The big test will be on September 1, when we get our cholesterol taken again. Here’s where I was when we started this.

Let me know if you have any exercise tips please. I could use them! Thanks.

Day 10: Morning RUN

RunI was doing my run this morning. The C25K app occasionally sounded the friendly chime followed by Jim’s (the voice) enthusiast instruction.


I was following Jim, but at one point I started to feel really tired running.

I decided to focus my mind on work, on my to-do list. As I did this I began to really feel exhausted. I anxiously awaited Jim’s next instruction to walk. Moments later it came…


WHAT?!?! WTF! I had missed Jim’s gift of walking, I must have completely tuned out the chime and voice prompt. In a split second I decided that I must continue to run, but I was disappointed that I had missed that sweet opportunity to slow down a little.

Today’s Summary

Distance: 2.34 mi / Walk Pace: 13:49 mi / Run Pace: 09:55 mi

Day 1: Phat not Fat

Today is Day 1 of my 30 Day Challenge. You can read more about this on my regular blog. This blog is dedicated to my getting healthy, phat not fat.

I rose early and took to the streets for my second time running, second in my life. Apart from treadmills and such, I’ve never been fond of running, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Right?

I used the C25K app and my miCoach iPhone armand*. I was really pleased with how it all went. The app is great!

I like how the friendly voice led me from walking to running along the journey. The app also rings a little bell and vibrates, so it would be hard to miss any instruction.

Here’s what you’re dying to know.

PACE: 15’34”/mi

DIST: 2.16 mi

AVG. PACE: 14’21”/mi

* yes, I work for Griffin who make the armband. no, I won’t be shilling Griffin products on the blog.

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